Careful, My Shoes Bite

I'm so excited about my new shoes that I had to blog about them!!

I first saw a pair of shoes like this a while ago over at Josie Loves Shoes.  June to be precise!!  And I've been dreaming about them ever since. 

Anyway last weekend I was on a mission for some flat chunky ankle boots and came back with these!!  Ok so they're not exactly boots!  And as my fella pointed out not exactly practical for winter, especially where we live!  But it was love at first sight!  As soon as my eyes landed on them in River Island our romance began.  I love everything about them.  The shape.  The print.  The studs!!!  They go with skinny jeans or dresses and completely transform an outfit.  The ankle boots never stood a chance. 

I think it's only right that I share my new found love with you.  I hope you appreciate just how special they are.  Now if only it would stop raining so I could wear them haha.

Thanks Josie for bringing these into my life and Happy Thursday everyone!

P.S  Obviously these shoes don't bite like my title suggests, however if they were alive I'm sure they would cause some serious damage!!

Photos courtesy of River Island


London Tourist

A couple of weeks ago I wangled a day off work and went on a daytrip with the family.

Woo commence extreme excitement because the daytrip was to LONDON!!  Being from London you'd think I wouldn't get that excited about it but a day off work, spending time with the family, visiting the olympic park, going on a London Duck Tour and squeezing in a trip to Westfields is right up my street!

As soon as I stepped off the train I turned into some kind of crazy photo taking tourist.  My London friends would most likely have walked off and left me, but I didn't care and besides, they were all at work!!

Anyway I thought I'd post a few of my pics so you could share my excitement. Oh and by the way, did I mention I met Patrick Anderson, the worlds greatest wheelchair basketball player AND he let my son wear his jacket!!! SWOON!!

Did any of you get Paralympic Fever??  Where was your last daytrip?

Big Ben, London Duck Tours, Olympic Stadium (made out of lego), Little Ben

My purchase from Bershka

Patrick Anderson (Team Canada), Being Tourists, The Orbit, London Eye


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