How To Transform Your Home With £50

Due to the recession most people think more carefully about how they spend their money.  We often think twice before spending large sums of money but we do know that by making home improvements we'll eventually be adding value to our home.  When Tesco Compare Home Insurance asked me to become a DIY Home Improvement reviewer, by challenging me to improve an area of our home for only £50, I was more than game!

The kitchen window was one of the last areas in our home that we had to finish.  We'd recently re-tiled and painted the kitchen  but hadn't got round to choosing a new blind. The area next to the sink was becoming a dumping ground for the recycling and on a whole it was letting the rest of the kitchen down.  It was in desperate need of some finishing touches.  

The following items were chosen by myself and supplied by Tesco's Direct: - 

Roller Blind
Plant pots x 2
Banksy Canvas Artwork x 2

All other items were already owned by myself.


The window needed dressing and the recycling was an eyesore.


The blind, artwork, plant pots and previously owned ornaments transformed the kitchen window.

We re-potted our herb plants and hung postcards and ornaments from garden twine

Banksy Canvas Artwork

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I'm delighted with the results.  The kitchen is finally complete and certainly looks a whole lot better.

So what do you think?  Do you have an area at home that is in need of a makeover?

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Win £50 with Ask Her Friends

So, it's that time again when I team up with Ask Her Friends to help choose the best presents from their marketplace.  With February fast approaching the theme, as you have probably guessed is Valentines Day.

One of the things I like most about Ask Her Friends is their support of independent designers.  I love how unusual some of their products are and not always the kind of thing you'd find on the high street.

If you like my choices it would be awesome if you could pop over to their page and vote for me.   There's even a chance you could win a prize worth £50.

1.  New Love Ring - Ella Georgia
2.  Enamel Love Mug - Tigerlily Quinn
3.  Turns Out Typography - Coulson Macleod
4.  Bath Bombs Gift Box - Gift Box Galore
5.  Black Widow Set - Buttress and Snatch

Hope you like my choices and remember if you do just click on this link and vote for me.

Thank you lovelies. x


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