Cinnamon & Applesauce Christmas Ornaments

I love making handmade gifts but never seem to have the time lately.  When I spotted these the other day, via Coulson Macleod's Facebook page, I had to give them a go.  Not only are they really easy to make but they also make your house smell of cinnamon! Bonus! 

If you haven't heard of Coulson Macleod pop over to their page.  They always share the best craft ideas and blogs as well as they're own original artwork.  This particular recipe is from Katy Elliot's blog.  Here's the link if you want to check her out.

Here's How It's Done..

Add the cinnamon and applesauce into a bowl and get mixing. It's best to use your hands and besides it's more fun that way, especially if you've got kids! The mixture needs to be dry enough that it can be rolled out without sticking to your rolling pin but moist enough that it sticks together.  If the mixture's too moist add more cinnamon.  If the mixture's too dry then add more applesauce.  Keep doing this until you've got a dough like mixture.

Roll the dough out as you would pastry.  Don't make your dough too thick else it might not dry likewise if you make it too thin your ornaments will become quite delicate and could break.  I used a pound coin as a guide for the right depth.

Use any shape cutter you want and cut out your pieces.  I only had stars available but I did shape a heart by hand which looks quite rustic.

Remember to make a hole where you want to thread the string through.  I used a chopstick. Turn the shape over and check the hole is just as wide on the back.

Lay your shapes onto greaseproof paper in a tray and then bake on a low temperature in the oven.  I baked them on 50 degrees for over an hour and then let them air dry for 24 hours just to be on the safe side.

Once your shapes are dry, thread your choice of string or ribbon through the hole in your shape and there you have it! A scented Christmas ornament which you can hang on your tree. They also make interesting gift tags or why not turn them into a garland!

Do you like making things like this? Do you know of any good craft blogs? Let me know, I'd love to read them.


Win £50 with Ask Her Friends Giveaway

Christmas gift guides are everywhere at the moment and over at the Ask Her Friends marketplace you're spoilt for choice.  There are so many beautiful gifts from a wide variety of carefully selected sellers, that there is literally something for everyone.

I've teamed up with Ask Her Friends again this month and not only put together my Christmas gift guide but also giving you the chance to win £50 worth of gifts!  They are a generous lot! To be in with a chance of winning just head over to their page and leave a comment saying which bloggers gift guide you like the most.  Obviously it would be great if you chose me but if you don't I'll try not to hold it against you, hehe.

1.  I love how quirky these watches are.  Designed by fellow blogger on the AHF panel Tigerlily Quinn, these Atlas Watches are unbelievably only £10.

2. This Peter Pan Collar by Anathema Designs would make a statement with any outfit.  Team with a strapless LBD or a simple tee and skinny jeans.

3. Classic and luxurious this leather ipad case by All Things Brighton Beautiful is what I would consider a investment piece. Something that you'll use again and again and get better with age, it also has a handy separate compartment for all your papers.

4. Who doesn't love a posh candle and they don't come much posher than a Velvet True Grace Candle by Happy Box London.  One of many gift boxes by Heavenly Scent Gift Box features a luxurious candle and silver pomander filled with dried flowers and resin of acacia. Heavenly!

5.  This Black Embroidered Lace Shrug is stunning!  Designed by the talented Nancy Mac and hand finished with silk trim and kimono style sleeves this effortlessly glamorous cover up would look well with virtually anything!

Let me know what you think of my choices.  Have you got a favourite?  Don't forget to head over to the Ask Her Friends website and let them know too.  You might be the lucky winner of a £50 prize.

P.S Just so you know this is a sponsored post but all gift choices were my own decisions.


Teacups of Design

I love a good cup and saucer - No, that's not a filthy innuendo, obviously I mean the ceramic kind! Somehow tea tastes even nicer from a special cup. Which is kinda lucky seeing as they're everywhere at the moment.  The older it is the better.  There's something special about the uniqueness that comes with a vintage tea cup.  However there are also some really good modern designs out there which might tickle your fancy.

Here are a few of my favourites...

Mrs Moores Vintage Store

Mrs M has a passion for vintage fashion and glamour of past times.  Not only does she have an amazing collection of pre-owned vintage tea sets, she also designs her own range of tea sets, textiles and stationary.  I love the simplicity and quirkiness behind her designs such as the Metamorphosis range below

Metamorphosis - Kestrel

This Denmark based design team have a creative approach to quality, shape and quality and like to put their personal stamp onto each product
The vibrancy of this Florence range is effective without being garish.  What's even better is you can mix and match with other styles from different collections.


Pip Studio

Pips motto is 'Happy Products for Happy People'  She gets her inspiration from everyday incidents, that when scrutinised, are actually exceptionally beautiful.  Her collections range from duvet sets and stationary to bags and cushions.
PiP Love Birds

Established 20 years ago Anthropologie describe themselves as a destination for those wanting a curated mix of clothing, accessories, gifts and home decor.  They are fast becoming well known for their signature look and have recently opened their fourth store in the UK  

Do you know of any other designers out there? Let me know.


Blog Love

I've been meaning to do one of these posts for ages!  One of the many things I love about blogging is the love! Generally on the whole, the blogging community is a pretty lovely place to be.  Bloggers go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and pass on all kinds of useful info.  They also love to tell you which blogs they're reading and give them a special mention.  

There's nothing nicer than finding a blog you click with.  There are a lot of great blogs out there but sometimes you'll find one that reminds you of an old friend.  One that makes you smile and nod your head in agreement or want to run out and buy their entire outfit choice. You know the ones I mean don't you?

Well here are a few of my favourite bloggers.  Some of which I comment on, others I drop by now and then for a massive reading session.  Some probably have no idea I'm such a fan, as although I read their blog I don't necessarily comment.  Sometimes there's just not enough hours in the day!

Kat Got The Cream

Kathryn welcomes you into her blog like an old friend.  I love reading her posts and finding out what's going on in her world.  I love her honesty, if something's getting her down she's not afraid to say. Her blog is filled with family life, design and outfit posts  I can also confirm she makes the BEST cakes ever!  One day I might even attempt to make them myself.


Elizabeth has been blogging for years.  She's a real pro and one of the most sincere, down to earth bloggers I know. You never know what you're going to find on her blog.  A recipe, a vintage find, maybe an outfit post or story from her travelling days.  She's also founder of the awesome Blognix. A bloggers meet up that involved workshops, lectures and a picnic.

The Only Place Blog

Jo goes to the best places ever! I feel like I'm joining in on one of her adventures. Wherever she's going there's fun to be had and you always know the food's going to be amazing when you get there.  I also love her style of photography.

Not Dressed As Lamb

Catherine is beautiful! She knows how to put together some amazing  outfits and it's so refreshing to see a fashion blogger who's not in their early twenties.  She loves photography and art and this really comes across in her blog.

So who are your favourite bloggers and why?  Let me know and I'll stop by their blog for a cuppa tea and a read. 


Vintage At The Dome

Vintage At The Dome is exactly what it says on the tin. A vintage fair hosted by the fabulous Vintage Suitcase in the historic Devonshire Dome.

I'm lucky enough to live down the road from Buxton so thought I'd pop along for an hour. Two and half hours later I had to tear myself away!

The Devonshire Dome is one of the worlds largest unsupported domes and The Vintage Suitcase crammed it full of gorgeous vintage delights.  There was so much to see and do.  One of the things I love about vintage fairs is the atmosphere.  There are so many friendly traders I could have chatted with them all day!  As well as lots of lovely clothes and homeware from bygone eras there were also many new handcrafted designs made from vintage materials.  There was even a chance to get your hair and make up styled by the awesome  Miss Whittington's Vintage Beauty Parlour and Sassy's Vintage Beauty Parlour

One of my favourite stalls that I need to give a special mention to is Molly Felicity Designs She creates personalised bunting using a photo of your choice. So, for example, you could have your baby's face printed onto one flag and then add to it each year as your child gets older!  This is such a great idea. Not only does it look nice hanging in the nursery but it also makes for a special keepsake. 

Although I could rabbit on all day about the wonderful delights I found, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Molly Felicity Designs

Molly Felicity Designs

Vintage delights

Who remembers Sooty!?

Lots of treasures

Away with the clouds
Away With The Clouds

Designer Marigold
Fabulous collages by Marigold 

Buxton Dome
Traders, traders everywhere

A Very Vintage Christmas
A Very Vintage Christmas

If you liked this post and love vintage then why not visit The Vintage Suitcase at their next big event, A Very Vintage Christmas at Uttoxeter Racecourse. There's lots going on including a Christmas craft workshop, vintage fashion, live music, food stalls, even a retro funfair!  To find out more follow them on Facebook where they'll make you giggle with their daily posts or take a look at their website.

Oooh and just one thing before you go, if you get a chance it would be lovely if you could vote for me over at AHF Bloggers Panel. Thank you.



Ask Her Friends - Gift Ideas

How many times have you heard the phrase uttered "She's just so hard to buy for"!?  I've heard it plenty, in fact I've probably said it myself and I know for a fact it's been said about me! Although, I'm of the opinion I'm the easiest person in the world to buy for! Pah!

Ask Her Friends is a website with gift ideas based on asking normal women exactly what they want. They focus on a selection of these ideas, reducing the choice but increasing the quality.

This month I was asked to feature on the AHF Bloggers Panel and choose my favourite gift ideas.  It was so hard to choose!  The world was literally my oyster!  I've tried to vary my choices as much as possible from cute stocking fillers like the Pretty Dandy notebooks to a delicate Ella Georgia bangle.

I prefer gifts that will last a lifetime such as the Orwell & Goode deer print or Rose & Grey paperweight or gifts I'll use each day like the Lisbeth Dahl cup and saucer.  Things I appreciate but wouldn't buy for myself, mainly because I spend all my money on bills, clothes and holidays!

So what do you think of my choices?  If you like them I'd be over the moon if you voted for me over at the AHF Bloggers Panel Gift List
Thank you x


Two Little Birdies - Giveaway

As most of you know I love nothing more than championing independent designers and businesses.  I love anything crafty and unique and could literally spend all my time either on Pinterest or at vintage fairs and car boots.  This however is time consuming and as much as I'd love to spend my weekends perusing second hand wares or pinboards I sure as heck don't have the time!

Then all of a sudden, as if by magic or it could have been Twitter, Two Little Birdies appeared on my radar. Whilst browsing through their products, it felt like I'd come home, you know the feeling?  What I love most about their products is the combination of vintage finds and modern elements.  Some things are genuinely vintage, some are made with vintage materials whereas other items are brand new but have that vintage feel.

Here are a few of my favourite items from Two Little Birdies

If you like what you've seen so far then read on!

I've teamed up with Two Little Birdies and we're giving you the opportunity to win one of the following pieces of artwork worth £10.  Each design has been upcycled onto vintage pages from a book and incorporate original drawings and photography. Prints measure 15.5 x 26cms

Typewriter with Butterflies

Victorian Ghetto Blaster

If you want to be in with a chance of winning just enter using one of the options below.  Remember to leave a comment telling me which design you'd prefer and your email address in case you're the lucky winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Chim Chim Cheree

Whilst browsing through a local market last weekend I came across a framed vinyl cover of the musical Mary Poppins.  Instantly I had a childhood flashback, not because I used to have the same vinyl album - I'm not that old (!) but because I used to love this film, even though it was made nearly 20 years before I was born!

There was something about it. Maybe it was the cheery songs, the Edwardian costumes and the uncertainty about Mary Poppins.  Who was she? Where did she come from? Together with a sentimental storyline that made me want to watch this film over and over again!

It got me thinking about the other favourite films I used to watch when I was a kid.  I realised quite a few of them were musicals, which is funny considering I thought I hated musicals!  I can remember exactly where I was the first time I watched each film so they must have made an impact.  I also seem to remember my mum not best pleased to discover I'd watched Dirty Dancing! Haha ooops!

So, here are my top favourite childhood movies, which even at the grand old age of 32 I could quite happily curl up on the sofa right now and lip sync the whole way through.

You gotta love Disney, right?

Childhood adventure at it's finest.

I blame both these films for the dodgy dance moves I seem to have acquired!

What were your favourite films as a kid?


What I Always Wanted & Can't Live Without!

What I Always Wanted is a beautiful online gifts and homeware store. It supports home grown talent and independent businesses, something which I wholeheartedly support.  Three cheers for them please.

When I was asked if I'd be interested in writing a blog post about them I didn't need to think twice.  I love nearly everything on their website including their ethos.

All their products are designed and made in the UK, many of which are made from eco-friendly materials or 'upcycled'.  There is even an option to personalise some of the products.

One of the many things I love about this website is how passionate owners, Deborah Bancroft and Ann Ellison are about their products.  They love nothing more than tracking down beautifully designed and crafted British gifts and homeware.  This passion shows in the products they've carefully chosen.  

With Christmas just around the corner, yes I did just mention the 'C' word, why not pop over to What I Always Wanted and see what they have to offer.  Not only will you be supporting some great British Designers but you also have the opportunity to purchase some original and unique homeware.

Tiny Daisies by Wychbury Designs

Gorgeous heart shaped stud earrings covered in vintage fabric.  If you look closely you'll notice even the butterfly is heart shaped!

Little Flowers by The Magpie's Daughter
This dainty orange pinwheel poppy necklace is complemented by a strand of pearls

Appliqued Dog Cushion by Naughty Dog
This appliqued and embroidered Dalmatian cushion uses vintage fabrics and would make a great gift for any dog lover.
Letterpress Print by Print for Love of Wood

For all you Great British Bake Off lovers.  Each letterpress print is lovingly printed on a vintage press
Vintage Camera by Moha London
This fun retro camera illustrated print is printed on heavy poster paper and available in A3

Which is your favourite item.  Do you love handmade or upcycled products?


Blackpool Dungeons

Recently I was offered two tickets to the Blackpool Dungeons.  Now you know I love a day trip and as our 4 year anniversary was approaching me and the mister asked ourselves, what better way to celebrate our love for one another than a trip to a medieval dungeon! So, we  jumped in the car and headed over to Blackpool.

If you haven't been to Blackpool before then prepare yourself, it can be insane!  The summer months are filled with families on holiday visiting the beach, promenade and theme park whilst the weekends are packed out with stag and hen parties. The winter months tend to be a little quieter although the Blackpool Illuminations from August 30th to November 10th have been drawing in the crowds in since 1879 and well worth a visit.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the Blackpool Dungeons.  Their website describes it as a thrill filled journey with 10 live shows, screaming, theatre, jokes, and special effects.

From the moment we got there the Blackpool Dungeons actors kept us entertained as you queued up inside a dark gloomy medieval street set.  As you got to the front of the queue a wench took a photo of you holding an axe to your loved one.  As they're about to lose their head she insists they give a loud scream, much to the amusement of the other people in the queue.  It all adds to the overall effect and gets everyone in the mood for what was about to come.

We rounded the corner and met the rest of the victims we'd be spending the next hour with in the Dungeons. Our 'tour guide' also known as the Lift Jester filled us in on some medieval torture history and gave us a brief idea of what to expect.  You'll learn about the plague, witches, torturers, smugglers, enter a labyrinth and leave your stomach behind after experiencing their gravity drop ride.
I really don't want to give too much more away, as the element of surprise is half the fun.  Overall the Blackpool Dungeons is well worth a visit, even more so now that Halloween is approaching. I screamed, laughed, clung to a strangers arm and got locked in a cage!   What more do you want?  This interactive show is suitable for all ages and perfect for families, friends or couples like us celebrating their 4 year anniversary, which believe it or not we weren't the only ones!
We finished off our day with fish and chips and a walk down the promenade to look at the Illuminations.  The perfect end to our day.

Enjoying myself far too much!

Have you been to the Blackpool Dungeons or anywhere similar?


My Top 6 Winter Boots

Boots, boots and more boots!

It's getting to that time of year where you need to invest in a pair of decent winter boots.  I always struggle to find decent shoes that fit me so I always tend to stick to Topshop and River Island as I know they'll always fit well.  I've had some bad experiences with cheap shoes that lead to a visit to the hospital but that's another story!  Anyway, I've been searching for a low heeled ankle boot for a while now but got a little bit distracted by all the other bootiful (haha sorry) choices out there. Chunky heels, metal trims, gold buckles, oooh we've been spoilt this year.

So, what do you look for in a winter boot? Which ones would you go for?

River Island black lace up bootieTopshop ankle booties  River Island black cutout boots,  River Island black ankle bootie,  Topshop high heel bootie  River Island black ankle bootie,


Visit Amsterdam

Not so long ago the mister and I decided to take a weekend break in Amsterdam.  I haven't been before and it's on my list of places to visit so we impulsively booked a mini break.
Finding an hotel was proving to be tricky.  It turns out there was a massive conference going on that weekend and most of the cheaper hotels were fully booked.  Then we discovered the Bicycle Hotel just out of the city centre.  The Bicycle Hotel was also a hostel.  Some rooms had private en-suites and some had shared bathrooms.  They only had rooms with shared bathrooms available and sharing a bathroom with strangers is my idea of hell.  I actually shuddered at the thought of it but when we arrived I was actually pleasantly surprised.  We only had to share our bathroom with one other room and the place was immaculate. We didn't have to queue for the bathroom once. Yay. 

Our lovely little hotel

The Bicycle Hotel funnily enough also rented out bicycles and if you're visiting Amsterdam believe me you'll see more of the city on bike than by foot.  Most Dutch people travel by bike.  In fact there are more bikes on the road than there are cars!  It's completely different to England, there are bike lanes everywhere and they even have their own set of traffic lights!

The misters got the hang of it!

I just about managed to stay on my bike!

There's a lot to do in Amsterdam and if you're travelling by bike you'll find even more things, as you tend to go off the beaten track, or in our case get lost.  Here's a couple of places we stumbled across.
Electric Ladyland Museum

The Electric Ladyland museum is not your typical museum. It's the first museum of fluorescent art together with a collection of common rocks that glow naturally under UV lighting.  This is a guided tour and the guy who runs it has spent decades building sculptures, collecting rocks and art work.  If it wasn't for this guy it would just be a room full of boring stuff but his passion and knowledge about every object in the room becomes contagious and at 5 Euros worth a visit.  Oh and he's a total hippy so it's worth it just to meet him and hear his crazy stories!

Once of the many displays

Felix Meritis Observatory
The Observatory is a building with so much history.  Built in the 18th Century it's original use was to promote the arts and science and give certain men upstanding within the community. Eventually as other museums and theatres opened in the city the Observatory lost it use but has now re-opened to the general public.  The cost of the tours was 6.50 Euros and the view from the top is breath taking.
I love the height of the buildings and the hidden gardens

 Of course there's all the other usual places to visit when in Amsterdam.   I'd recommend Anne Franks House, Van Gogh Museum, Rijks Museum, even the Red Light District.  If I'm honest the RLD is the strangest place I've been to, especially as some of the windows are nestled between bars, restaurants and shops.  It's weird that it seems so normal!


The floating flower market is quite a touristy area but worth a visit because the smell is amazing and great for souvenirs.  My sisters are now the proud owners of slippers in the shape of clogs and everyone else got a bonsai tree!

What To Eat

There's something for everyone in Amsterdam.  Even if you're the fussiest of eaters you'll find something but if you want to try something different I'd recommend The Pancake Bakery On the menu you'll find a sweet and savoury option, which is normal in Holland.  I went for the bacon and pineapple pancake which was actually pretty nice and the portions are huge.  You wont need to eat for the rest of the day after finishing one of these!

Something else to try is Febo. Heated food in a machine.  Just put your money in and remove your chosen item.  Great if you're on the run and need something quick.  Not so great if you're looking for a nutritious hearty meal!

You also need to try poffertjes.  These are like mini pancakes and so sweet and yummy.  I could eat these all day!

So there you have it.  Just some of the things you can do in Amsterdam.  Have you been away recently?  Have you got a favourite city or ever been to Amsterdam?  Let me know I'd love to hear all about it.


Camera Envy

It's not long until I go on holiday and apart from fretting about what to pack I've also been worried about taking my 'big' camera.  You see, I said goodbye to my compact camera a couple of years ago, (there was a sticky incident with a melted chocolate bar and the shutter) and now the only camera I have is my DSLR and the camera on my S3.

The problem is I don't really want to take my DSLR.  It's heavy, expensive and the beach would be a no go area for me.  There's no way I'm risking sand coming anywhere near my kit. The camera on my phone is good but not amazing quality plus I don't wanna drain my battery. I'm the kinda person who literally takes hundreds of photos. Per day! And then annoys everyone by sharing them all on Facebook haha.

I've been meaning to look into the different compact cameras available but it's been at the bottom of a very long to do list.

Then as if someone read my mind I was asked to share a video on my blog.  I bet you thought I was going to say I was gifted a camera!  Pfftttttt I wish!  The video was however about the Panasonic TZ40 which I have now spent a lot of time drooling over.  Yep this is a sponsored post but please forgive me and read on.

I did a bit of research into camera and I have to say the features are jaw dropping.  I have serious camera envy.  As well as 18.1 megapixels, touchscreen, HD recording, 20x super zoom, creative functions, etc it also boasts a full range of manual modes, GPS, WiFi and NFC chip.  Sharing your photos couldn't be simpler .  You can read a full review at Techradar but if you can't be bothered all you need to know is they scored this camera 4.5 / 5.  I would say that's pretty good!

What camera are you currently using and what kind would you take on holiday?


Manchester's Calling

Ages ago I bought the boyf  two tickets to see the Kings of Leon for his birthday. Obviously I insisted one of those tickets was for me, haha.  It felt like the event was never going to arrive!  I'm not sure who was more excited, me or him!

Anyway last Monday we caught the train to Manchester.  We checked into our hotel, did a little shopping in the Northern Quarter, for those who don't know that's the vintage/indie area, a LOT of eating, responsible drinking and then a night at the Manchester Arena. The Kings of Leon were AMAZING!  I actually forgot how many awesome songs they have.  I prefer their earlier stuff before they became insanely famous.  There's something special about loving a band before EVERYBODY and their mother's heard of them.  

1. Love this window display.  2. I learnt that polenta is NOT Italian for potato and is in fact cheese!  3.  Vintage Heaven in Pop Boutique.  4.  Excited on the train.  5.  Mmmm figs and mascapone cheese.  6.  OMG Bunty!!  7.  The pizza I wish I'd ordered.  8.  Cool sign.  9.  New skirt from Pop Boutique.
Normally when I go to gigs I prefer to stand.  I always think the atmosphere is generally better and you get to dance or in my case jump around like a loony, etc.

I could only get seated tickets this time round but I can honestly say I was NOT disappointed!  Even though we were right the other end of the arena we still had a good view and everyone sitting around us was really nice and friendly, etc. Which reminds me, how 's this for a random moment?  We were actually seated next to a couple who were in the queue in front of us at Burger King, four hours earlier! What are the chances of that!?  I love it when things like that happen!

Have you been to any gigs lately?  Who's your favourite band?  Do random things happen to you?!  Tell me!  I wanna know!

P.S  I'm now on Instagram if you want to follow me


Swap A Frock Clothes Swap

We're having a swap shop party and all you lovely bloggers are invited!!

The name of the post might give away what kind of party it is but let me tell you more about it.

Last year I went to a clothes swap shop party at a friends house.  Basically you take along any unwanted clothes and swap them with your friends or sell them at rock bottom prices.  I managed to offload quite a few things that I'd never got round to putting on Ebay and came away with some really nice items as well.  Combine that with wine and snacks and it was the perfect girly night in.

This kind of event has been around for years but is finally becoming more popular.  It's actually called Swishing, although I can't bear that name. It sounds too much like swinging to me and you really don't want to get the two confused!

I've been wanting to host this kind of event for a while and seeing a few events take place recently in London and Manchester has spurred me on.

So here's how it works.........

Do you you own an item of clothing or shoes but never actually worn them?
Do you own clothes you haven't worn in years but kept hold of them for 'just in case' reasons?
Do you have a pile of clothes you keep meaning to put on Ebay but haven't got round to it yet?
Do you think your choice of style has changed and no longer wear certain items?
Think you have items that are 'too good' to throw away?
Do you own clothes that no longer fit or need altering but not sure how?  
Does your wardrobe need some new additions?
Were you nodding YES to any of these questions?  I know I did! Then come along to our swap shop and exchange your items for something you'll actually wear.

What happens:  
Check in 4 or more items in exchange for tokens then swap your tokens for clothes or shoes of your choice.

We only want good quality clothing and shoes. If it's holey or dirty it aint coming in. Lingerie and nightwear are also a no no.

Check In:
One high street item = 1 token
One designer item = 2 tokens

What else?
Found an outfit? Got some spare time? Sit yourself down at our Embellishments & Alterations table.  A professional dressmaker will be on hand to assist you.

All Finished? Outfit sorted?

Get your nails done by The Pamper Pit. They're offering you special offers on the night. 
File & Polish  £5
Nail Art   £7
Gel Nails   £15

And Finally.....

As ever there will be an amass of glorious homemade cakes, fresh coffee, herbal tea, retro milkshakes, iced tea and coffee available from Spout.

Does this sound like your kind of thing?  Live in the North West Midlands and want to come along?  Have a question?  Leave a comment and I'll get back to you soon as possible.


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