Cinnamon & Applesauce Christmas Ornaments

I love making handmade gifts but never seem to have the time lately.  When I spotted these the other day, via Coulson Macleod's Facebook page, I had to give them a go.  Not only are they really easy to make but they also make your house smell of cinnamon! Bonus! 

If you haven't heard of Coulson Macleod pop over to their page.  They always share the best craft ideas and blogs as well as they're own original artwork.  This particular recipe is from Katy Elliot's blog.  Here's the link if you want to check her out.

Here's How It's Done..

Add the cinnamon and applesauce into a bowl and get mixing. It's best to use your hands and besides it's more fun that way, especially if you've got kids! The mixture needs to be dry enough that it can be rolled out without sticking to your rolling pin but moist enough that it sticks together.  If the mixture's too moist add more cinnamon.  If the mixture's too dry then add more applesauce.  Keep doing this until you've got a dough like mixture.

Roll the dough out as you would pastry.  Don't make your dough too thick else it might not dry likewise if you make it too thin your ornaments will become quite delicate and could break.  I used a pound coin as a guide for the right depth.

Use any shape cutter you want and cut out your pieces.  I only had stars available but I did shape a heart by hand which looks quite rustic.

Remember to make a hole where you want to thread the string through.  I used a chopstick. Turn the shape over and check the hole is just as wide on the back.

Lay your shapes onto greaseproof paper in a tray and then bake on a low temperature in the oven.  I baked them on 50 degrees for over an hour and then let them air dry for 24 hours just to be on the safe side.

Once your shapes are dry, thread your choice of string or ribbon through the hole in your shape and there you have it! A scented Christmas ornament which you can hang on your tree. They also make interesting gift tags or why not turn them into a garland!

Do you like making things like this? Do you know of any good craft blogs? Let me know, I'd love to read them.


Win £50 with Ask Her Friends Giveaway

Christmas gift guides are everywhere at the moment and over at the Ask Her Friends marketplace you're spoilt for choice.  There are so many beautiful gifts from a wide variety of carefully selected sellers, that there is literally something for everyone.

I've teamed up with Ask Her Friends again this month and not only put together my Christmas gift guide but also giving you the chance to win £50 worth of gifts!  They are a generous lot! To be in with a chance of winning just head over to their page and leave a comment saying which bloggers gift guide you like the most.  Obviously it would be great if you chose me but if you don't I'll try not to hold it against you, hehe.

1.  I love how quirky these watches are.  Designed by fellow blogger on the AHF panel Tigerlily Quinn, these Atlas Watches are unbelievably only £10.

2. This Peter Pan Collar by Anathema Designs would make a statement with any outfit.  Team with a strapless LBD or a simple tee and skinny jeans.

3. Classic and luxurious this leather ipad case by All Things Brighton Beautiful is what I would consider a investment piece. Something that you'll use again and again and get better with age, it also has a handy separate compartment for all your papers.

4. Who doesn't love a posh candle and they don't come much posher than a Velvet True Grace Candle by Happy Box London.  One of many gift boxes by Heavenly Scent Gift Box features a luxurious candle and silver pomander filled with dried flowers and resin of acacia. Heavenly!

5.  This Black Embroidered Lace Shrug is stunning!  Designed by the talented Nancy Mac and hand finished with silk trim and kimono style sleeves this effortlessly glamorous cover up would look well with virtually anything!

Let me know what you think of my choices.  Have you got a favourite?  Don't forget to head over to the Ask Her Friends website and let them know too.  You might be the lucky winner of a £50 prize.

P.S Just so you know this is a sponsored post but all gift choices were my own decisions.


Teacups of Design

I love a good cup and saucer - No, that's not a filthy innuendo, obviously I mean the ceramic kind! Somehow tea tastes even nicer from a special cup. Which is kinda lucky seeing as they're everywhere at the moment.  The older it is the better.  There's something special about the uniqueness that comes with a vintage tea cup.  However there are also some really good modern designs out there which might tickle your fancy.

Here are a few of my favourites...

Mrs Moores Vintage Store

Mrs M has a passion for vintage fashion and glamour of past times.  Not only does she have an amazing collection of pre-owned vintage tea sets, she also designs her own range of tea sets, textiles and stationary.  I love the simplicity and quirkiness behind her designs such as the Metamorphosis range below

Metamorphosis - Kestrel

This Denmark based design team have a creative approach to quality, shape and quality and like to put their personal stamp onto each product
The vibrancy of this Florence range is effective without being garish.  What's even better is you can mix and match with other styles from different collections.


Pip Studio

Pips motto is 'Happy Products for Happy People'  She gets her inspiration from everyday incidents, that when scrutinised, are actually exceptionally beautiful.  Her collections range from duvet sets and stationary to bags and cushions.
PiP Love Birds

Established 20 years ago Anthropologie describe themselves as a destination for those wanting a curated mix of clothing, accessories, gifts and home decor.  They are fast becoming well known for their signature look and have recently opened their fourth store in the UK  

Do you know of any other designers out there? Let me know.


Blog Love

I've been meaning to do one of these posts for ages!  One of the many things I love about blogging is the love! Generally on the whole, the blogging community is a pretty lovely place to be.  Bloggers go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and pass on all kinds of useful info.  They also love to tell you which blogs they're reading and give them a special mention.  

There's nothing nicer than finding a blog you click with.  There are a lot of great blogs out there but sometimes you'll find one that reminds you of an old friend.  One that makes you smile and nod your head in agreement or want to run out and buy their entire outfit choice. You know the ones I mean don't you?

Well here are a few of my favourite bloggers.  Some of which I comment on, others I drop by now and then for a massive reading session.  Some probably have no idea I'm such a fan, as although I read their blog I don't necessarily comment.  Sometimes there's just not enough hours in the day!

Kat Got The Cream

Kathryn welcomes you into her blog like an old friend.  I love reading her posts and finding out what's going on in her world.  I love her honesty, if something's getting her down she's not afraid to say. Her blog is filled with family life, design and outfit posts  I can also confirm she makes the BEST cakes ever!  One day I might even attempt to make them myself.


Elizabeth has been blogging for years.  She's a real pro and one of the most sincere, down to earth bloggers I know. You never know what you're going to find on her blog.  A recipe, a vintage find, maybe an outfit post or story from her travelling days.  She's also founder of the awesome Blognix. A bloggers meet up that involved workshops, lectures and a picnic.

The Only Place Blog

Jo goes to the best places ever! I feel like I'm joining in on one of her adventures. Wherever she's going there's fun to be had and you always know the food's going to be amazing when you get there.  I also love her style of photography.

Not Dressed As Lamb

Catherine is beautiful! She knows how to put together some amazing  outfits and it's so refreshing to see a fashion blogger who's not in their early twenties.  She loves photography and art and this really comes across in her blog.

So who are your favourite bloggers and why?  Let me know and I'll stop by their blog for a cuppa tea and a read. 


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