I Like My Nails Chilled

Whenever my friends come over for a brew they always comment on the amount of nail varnish I have in my fridge.  Yep that's right I did just say nail varnish.  In fact on occasions I have been known to have more nail varnish than food in my fridge.  Ha! 

Before you think I'm completely mad and stop reading there is a good reason for keeping my nail varnish in my fridge.  It stops it from going gloopy.  There's nothing worse than trying to paint your nails with thick gloopy nail varnish.  Just leave it in the fridge to cool down and when you paint your nails you'll notice how much easier it goes on and how quickly it dries

I'd thought I'd share this little tip with you because every girl deserves to know about it.  Remember to share ladies :)


Guest Post Required

Hey Everyone,  so we're off on our sunny hols again.  This time it's a much more family orientated one and I really can't wait to chill out and relax by the pool with a good book and spend some quality time with my family.

If any of you fancy doing a guest post on my blog then please leave a comment with your email address and I'll get back to you.  It can be about anything really as this is a lifestyle blog, i.e fashion post, a receipe, what you did at the weekend, whatever takes your fancy.

Loadsa love

The Girl You All Know

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Ok now I know some of you have voted already so big THANKS to you that have done so.  For those of you that don't know what I'm on about please see the Dorset Little Blog Award to the right hand side of my page

The competition closes on 31 July and I would really like to win.  I've never won anything before apart from the, ahem, Epson Label Machine (see earlier post) and I've turned into some sort of demonic woman obsessed about winning! So PLEASEEE vote for me.  All you have to do is click on the link, click vote, tick the terms and thats it!  3 clicks!  You dont even have to register!!  It couldn't be simplier!! 



Woop Woop

Yay, today my lil old blog received 1000 views and 31 followers. 

Thank you everyone for always taking the time to read my posts and leave lovely comments.

I'm celebrating with cake!  Here's a photo of a pavlova I made.  Not only did I manage to make something without burning it, it was edible as well.  Woop woop.



Make My Day

Hey everyone,

Firstly just to say a big THANK YOU to those that have already voted for me

Secondly to those that haven't PLEEEEAASEE vote for me. 

I am 8 votes away from winning!  8!!!

And I have never won anything before apart from an Epson Label Machine and I was probably the only person who entered the competition!! Yes I know that's sad!!

My label machine clearly has Blackberry envy

So just click on the link to the right hand side of my page.  It says Dorset Cereals.  You don't have to register or anything like and you never know, you could actually make my day : D



I Need You In My Life

Ok so I don't really have time to blog much lately but I've just seen these in Topshop and I have to tell someone about them.  In fact telling you guys and posting a picture of them kinda makes me feel like I own them lol.  Oh ok maybe not but a girl can dream can't she!


VOTE FOR ME (please)

Hey everyone, just a cheeky request............

Am nominated for a Dorset Little Blog Award. 

This is a shameless request to ask you to vote for me by clicking on the link on the right hand side.

Thanks to everyone who votes for me.  I'm sending you a big ol virtual hug.

P.s  New post to follow shortly : )


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