Why I Blog

Someone asked me recently why I blogged.  Everyone's got a reason haven't they?

Well here's mine..................

I'd heard of blogging years ago, it's not exactly a new thing but now it seems more common place, even a lot of companies seem to have a blog even if it's not maintained on a regular basis.

One of my closest friends relocated down to Hampshire.  I was pretty gutted to say the least! We spent a lot of time on the phone chatting when one night my friend told me she wanted to start a blog but wasn't sure how.  Just because we were now hundreds of miles apart wasn't going to stop me from helping out a friend so I created my own blog to see how it was done.  Many a night was spent on the phone talking about blog names to html codes and gadgets.  Sometimes it was like speaking another language! Finally our blogs were born.  And although our styles are completely different I love the fact we created our blogs together and haven't let the miles affect our friendship. 

If you get a chance pop over to her blog (click here) and take a look.  She's a fantastic writer and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased, hehe.

Everyone's got a reason as to why they blog and how it all started.  What's yours?  I'd love to hear your story. x


Snow Day

Wow, it's been ages since I've written an actual post that isn't about the Blog Meet Up.  I've had so much going on in the last couple of months that I decided to leave blogging to one side to concentrate on other things.  I've got a new part-time job which I LOVE.  I've started a course in Business Admin to coincide with 'my other job'. Then Xmas hit.  And then I was ill! But I feel like I've managed to get everything under control and into some kind of routine. 

Oh and I thought seeing as I'm organising a Bloggers Meet Up I'd better start blogging again!!

Anyway in other news it's been snowing!!!  And I had the day off work, which meant I got to play in the snow.  YAY! You're never too old right?  Here's a few pics for those who didn't get any snow........

Alfie The Labrador
Overlooking Leek, Staffordshire

Clearly doesn't feel the cold!!

My very visible boyfriend!!
And that was our snow day.  Did you get any snow round your way?  Did you dare venture out?


NW Blogger Meet Up (change of date)

Ok my lovelies,

When I decided to organise the bloggers meet up I didn't imagine for one minute there'd be such a massive response!

I've been overwhelmed by the amout of people who want to get involved and by this I don't just mean bloggers.

I originally intended for us to meet on a Saturday and browse the shops, etc but things have snowballed and as there are so many of us I thought it might be best to move it to a Sunday and let the shops come to us!!

Spout Coffee Shop based at 70 The Passion Pit, where I work part-time, are keen to meet all you lovely bloggers and they've helped me put together a very special day for us all.

The Wig Factory on the first floor have offered a free blow dry or updo for anyone interested or alternatively if there's a particular style you'd like to learn how to do such as pincurls, etc let me know.  I'm sure one of the staff will show you how it's done.

If hair isn't your thing and beauty is where you're at then head upstairs to The Pamper Pit on the second floor where beauty workshops will be taking place.  Looking for something specific?  Head massage, skin care, let me know and I'll see what can be done.

If neither of those tick your boxes then Jessica Shaw clothes designer who recently exhibited at The Clothes Show, is looking forward to meeting you and talking all things fashion!

And finally if none of that floats your boat well there's awesome coffee, tea and homemade cakes but most importantly there's blogging!!  I for one am really looking forward to meeting everyone.

So, if you could all please leave a comment like the one below and let me know if you can make the following date.............Sunday 3rd February  12 - 4pm

1. Yes or No
2. Leave your email address
3. Is there anything specific you would like to learn at The Wig Factory or The Pamper Pit?

Hope you can all make it.


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