Camera Envy

It's not long until I go on holiday and apart from fretting about what to pack I've also been worried about taking my 'big' camera.  You see, I said goodbye to my compact camera a couple of years ago, (there was a sticky incident with a melted chocolate bar and the shutter) and now the only camera I have is my DSLR and the camera on my S3.

The problem is I don't really want to take my DSLR.  It's heavy, expensive and the beach would be a no go area for me.  There's no way I'm risking sand coming anywhere near my kit. The camera on my phone is good but not amazing quality plus I don't wanna drain my battery. I'm the kinda person who literally takes hundreds of photos. Per day! And then annoys everyone by sharing them all on Facebook haha.

I've been meaning to look into the different compact cameras available but it's been at the bottom of a very long to do list.

Then as if someone read my mind I was asked to share a video on my blog.  I bet you thought I was going to say I was gifted a camera!  Pfftttttt I wish!  The video was however about the Panasonic TZ40 which I have now spent a lot of time drooling over.  Yep this is a sponsored post but please forgive me and read on.

I did a bit of research into camera and I have to say the features are jaw dropping.  I have serious camera envy.  As well as 18.1 megapixels, touchscreen, HD recording, 20x super zoom, creative functions, etc it also boasts a full range of manual modes, GPS, WiFi and NFC chip.  Sharing your photos couldn't be simpler .  You can read a full review at Techradar but if you can't be bothered all you need to know is they scored this camera 4.5 / 5.  I would say that's pretty good!

What camera are you currently using and what kind would you take on holiday?


Manchester's Calling

Ages ago I bought the boyf  two tickets to see the Kings of Leon for his birthday. Obviously I insisted one of those tickets was for me, haha.  It felt like the event was never going to arrive!  I'm not sure who was more excited, me or him!

Anyway last Monday we caught the train to Manchester.  We checked into our hotel, did a little shopping in the Northern Quarter, for those who don't know that's the vintage/indie area, a LOT of eating, responsible drinking and then a night at the Manchester Arena. The Kings of Leon were AMAZING!  I actually forgot how many awesome songs they have.  I prefer their earlier stuff before they became insanely famous.  There's something special about loving a band before EVERYBODY and their mother's heard of them.  

1. Love this window display.  2. I learnt that polenta is NOT Italian for potato and is in fact cheese!  3.  Vintage Heaven in Pop Boutique.  4.  Excited on the train.  5.  Mmmm figs and mascapone cheese.  6.  OMG Bunty!!  7.  The pizza I wish I'd ordered.  8.  Cool sign.  9.  New skirt from Pop Boutique.
Normally when I go to gigs I prefer to stand.  I always think the atmosphere is generally better and you get to dance or in my case jump around like a loony, etc.

I could only get seated tickets this time round but I can honestly say I was NOT disappointed!  Even though we were right the other end of the arena we still had a good view and everyone sitting around us was really nice and friendly, etc. Which reminds me, how 's this for a random moment?  We were actually seated next to a couple who were in the queue in front of us at Burger King, four hours earlier! What are the chances of that!?  I love it when things like that happen!

Have you been to any gigs lately?  Who's your favourite band?  Do random things happen to you?!  Tell me!  I wanna know!

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