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Hi there! I'm Jennifer from Glamour, Above all Things and tonight is my night to tell you all about my latest purchases from MUA :) It has taken me quite a few months to come around to the idea that good quality makeup , widely used by makeup addicts such as yourselves is available for £1 a pop - I know, right?!
I eventually caved in after reading nothing but good reviews and, well, here is my verdict!

I bought these products online from and had to restrain myself from buying absolutely everything available, but with some careful consideration I picked out three items.

At first I wasn't too impressed with the blusher because of the powdery mess it seems to create every time a brush touches it, but for £1 I don't think I'm in any position to complain about extra product ... This blusher is actually lovely! The colour payoff is summery, subtle and pretty but can be built upon, leaving room for a day time look as well as night time - it is incredibly blendable and leaves a flushed hue of pink on the cheeks without looking overdone.  As you can see on the photo, it's quite pale but still gives a girly flush to the skin. I've been using it with dark eyeshadows and bright red lips. 
I'm not that impressed with the packaging- I don't like the cheap plastic case the blush is placed in and it feels quite fragile. Then again, the price of this blush does make up for that! I am an avid Benefit user and to be honest, I do think this blush resembles the flushed tone of pink you get from their Thrrrrrrrrrob blusher (which is around £22 ...) I'd definitely recommend, and for £1 I think it's worth a go!

The next product I bought was shade 3 of their lipstick range! Now, as a Dita and Marilyn lover I am a huge fan of the red lip and I sometimes venture into darker pinks, so I thought this shade would be a lovely in-between to try, and I am not sorry! Again, this product is only £1 and I am absolutely loving it!
The tube casing doesn't follow suit at all, it doesn't feel cheap or plastic-y and looks quite posh with the silver on black design.
The colour payoff with this lipstick is beautiful. It's a gorgeous deep pink colour, but together with the lipstick's consistency it gives a really creamy-textured lip colour that lasts all day! Now, I'm not one to exaggerate when it comes to makeup - I applied this lipstick yesterday at 3pm. I was still wearing bright and bold it at 10pm after 2 glasses of wine, 2 margaritas and a calzone, PLUS kissing and talking with no touch-ups. Now, I don't know about you - but that has to be worth the £1 right? The dark pink and red lips are really 'in' this season with pin-up looks being the new black, so I would definitely recommend investing in one of these!

The next lipstick is shade 8 of their range :) This lipstick isn't as excitable as shade 3 (not as creamy, not as much colour payoff - you have to apply it around 3 times to get a deep enough colour) but I am putting that down to the slightly different consistency of this lipstick to shade 3. This shade is slightly glittery, a bit harder maybe - but that is actually something that also makes this lipstick completely food, drink, kiss and chat-proof! I have tested the longevity of this lipstick's wear and it was around 5 or so hours before I needed a definite touch-up, so this lipstick is a go-go for nights out, meals out or occasions you won't have a lot of time to check your lipstick hasn't slid down your chin or dried up your lips! Again, this lipstick is £1 so the fact that it needs a bit more application than the other one doesn't mean a thing, once it's on - it's on!

I absolutely love these products! I probably won't get another blush, purely because I like blushes with different consistencies - I am definitely glad I tried theirs though! These lipsticks are definitely in my top 10, along with Clinique, Benefit, ELF etc. The colours I have bought and the colours available are beautiful shades and are definitely worth a try. I have white hair and very very pale skin so dark lipsticks aren't always a good idea for me - but these lipsticks are really worth the hype :)

I hope you've enjoyed this post! If you like what you read, please head on over to my blog for more reviews, tutorials and style tips! :)
Thankyou to Maxine for letting me ramble on and giving me the chance to write for her blog, it's been an honour!

Has anyone tried these products or have any other MUA products they like/loath?
Jennifer xo

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  1. I have to confess......when you emailed me about MUA I had to google it to see what it was!! LOL. After reading your review I shall definitely be popping down to good ol SD to see whats on offer! You've really covered everything here. Brilliant review and you made me giggle too. Thank you for doing a guest lovely :) xo


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