The Orange Tree, Newcastle Under Lyme

After a hard days wedding dress shopping, it's an exhausting process honest, mum and I felt we deserved a some lunch at The Orange Tree in Newcastle under Lyme.

Now although I'm a real foodie, I've never felt compelled to write a restaurant review. Until now.  You see, I loved everything about this place. The food. The d├ęcor. The staff. Even the toilets! Yes I kid you not, even the toilets get a mention!  How many times have you visited a really nice bar or restaurant only to nip to the loo and discover they forgot to include the toilets in their extensive and rather expensive refurb? It always raises the question, if they can't be bothered about the toilet's what other corners have they cut? In my opinion, attention to detail is essential and this place has got it in the bag.

Light fittings made entirely of feathers (Image courtesy of The Orange Tree)

Not only was the food and presentation pretty spectacular, the staff were lovely.  They were chatty but not in your face, professional yet friendly and constantly working to ensure you received the best dining experience ever.   I chose the Monkfish & Marlin skewers with a honey, lime and coriander , neither of which I'd tried before. The waitress was really knowledgeable of the entire menu and recommended them and I'm so glad she did! The fish had so much flavour I would have sworn it had been freshly caught that day!

Monkfish & Marlin Skewers (Image courtesy The Orange Tree)

The Restaurant (Image courtesy The Orange Tree)

The menu is a little on the pricey side but you're not just paying for great food, you're also paying for the overall experience which in my opinion is worth every penny.  If you're looking for somewhere new to eat and don't mind paying a little extra, you should definitely pay a visit to The Orange Tree.

Have you been somewhere new to eat that you can recommend? Let me know so I can pay them a visit!

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  1. Wow this looks yummy. Great review. I have been dying to do a restaurant review as we are always checking out new places to eat. I love going out to dinner. So fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've not actually been to Newcastle and its definitely something I need to fix and I love the look of this restaurant!

  3. Wow amazing pictures! The food looks great too, would definitely want to visit when we are there!

  4. This all looks delicious! I've never been to Newcastle but would definitely pay this restaurant a visit if I ever did go.

  5. ooh looks like a great place for a treat


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