Heating Just Got Clever

Technology is everywhere and over the last few years it's really evolved.  Essentially, when it works correctly, it's there to make our life easier.  

If someone had told me 10 years ago I'd be able to do the weekly shop from my phone, read the news, make video calls or even programme the Sky box, I'd have laughed in your face! My phone was for calls, texts and playing snake, my good friend.  Technology has moved on and for that I'm grateful - although I do miss playing snake!

As a busy working mum I have a million things to remember.  My phone is full of reminders, there's a lot of list making going on and post it notes are a daily feature in my life.  You get the drift and I suspect I'm not alone.  If I'm right then you're also probably the kind of person who comes home from work to realise you overrode the heating that morning and guess what? It's been on all day!  As soon as you open the door your greeted by a blast of heat similar to that of a furnace and you mentally tot up how much 9 hours worth of heating will cost.  A home that was empty I might add! You would cry however the air is so warm tears evaporate as soon as they reach the skins surface.  If this is you then Honeywell Evohome could be the answer to both our prayers.

What Is Evohome?

It's an intelligent heating system that controls the heating in your home, room-by-room, wirelessly. This means that for busy people like you and me, we can heat the rooms we use instead of the whole house, using a touch screen panel that connects to your internet. And guess what? There's even an app available on iphone and android! AMAZING!

This is perfect for busy homeowner whose plans constantly change on a day to day basis.  Can you remember to change the settings on your timer everyday? I can't! Life is busy.  Decided to work late one night? Re-programme your heating to switch on just before you arrive home.  Woken up early to a frosty morning and realised you forgot to put the heating on?  Switch it on using their smartphone app and hide under the duvet until it's warmed up!

Not only can we heat just the rooms we're using, we can control when they're heated whether we're at home or not.  This could potentially save you 40% off your heating bill.  With energy bills forever increasing perhaps this device is worth installing. Honeywell have a handy system planning tool to help you figure out which rooms you'd like to install, how much it's going to cost but more importantly how much you're going to save.  This tool is so simple I swear a 2 year could figure it out.

So if you're a busy person where one day varies from the next, perhaps Evohome is worth the investment.


  1. What a great idea! would definitely save you some money! x

  2. Good idea, especially for dizzy moos like me. It's amazing what we can do these days!

    ~Tiaras & Prozac

  3. How clever. I usually end up leaving the heating on overnight when i've wanted it on a little longer in the evening and forget to switch it back again so end up waking up at 4am sweltering! These look really nifty

  4. wonder if my landlady would do this for me ;-)


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