A Day At The Lake

A Day At The Lake is is a major outdoor event 30 April – 2 May 2016 taking place at Rudyard Lake, (near Leek on the Cheshire / Staffordshire border).

What used to be known as a cultural destination back in the late 1800s up to 20,000 day trippers would descend upon Rudyard Lake to take in the spectacular outdoor arts of the age.  

Now a sleepy beauty spot Rudyard Lake was once known as “the Blackpool of the Potteries”  and “the Geneva of the UK” and was one of the first examples of mass daytripping to rural beauty spots in the UK.  We're lucky enough to live just a 5 minute drive from Rudyard Lake and had no idea it was such a popular tourist destination of that time.

A Day At The Lake will include the recreation of the famous “African Blondin” tightrope walk (drawing huge crowds just 30 years after the abolition of slavery) and mark the other feats that took place there including Captain Webb’s aquatic fete, fresh from swimming the channel. It was on a trip to this beauty spot that Kipling’s parents met and took inspiration for their future son’s name

It is the first event of this scale to be held at the lake for over 100 years and as a regular visitor to the lake I'm pretty excited about what's on offer

From dry land synchronised swimmers, tightrope walkers across the lake, real life mermaids, helter skelters and swingboats, street food, brass bands, story telling, row boats and upping sticks from Macclesfield, is the fantastic treacle market featuring crafts and vintage finds. There really is something for everyone and is set to be a great event for all the family.

So if you live in the area or even fancy a daytrip out this bank holiday weekend, a visit to the historic Rudyard Lake will be well worth a visit.

For more information about what's on visit A Day At The Lake and why not purchase your tickets online whilst you're there.

What are you up to this bank holiday weekend? Are you planning a daytrip somewhere or thinking of visiting Rudyard Lake?  I would love to hear what you have planned.

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