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Ok so after a few very down weeks I am really excited about going to back home to London this weekend.  Being a Londoner you kinda take the sights for granted.  It's not until you live 'oop north' that you realise how much there is to do in London and as much as I like the market town and surrounding countryside we live in, I do miss the hustle and bustle and general quirkiness you get from the city.

Anyway seeing as we only have 2 days in London I've decided to do the whole touristy thing.  First stop has to be the Marylin Monroe exhibition at Getty Images Gallery.  An absolute icon, I can't wait to see some of the unique photos they have displayed not to mention clothes she wore on/off screen.
After that a trip to Camden Market is in order.  I haven't been there for years and I have a feeling I'll be making some kind of purchase.  Lets hope it's not fusica pink stargazer hair dye like the last time!  I'd like to think I've changed a little in the last 15 years!!  Roll on the weekend.

Tatty Bye for now

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  1. ugh, I'm jealous about the Marylin exhibition!! Would love to go. I've never been to Camden market either, maybe one day. Have fun and I love the wallpaper/style of the blog!! Good one Maxiiine x


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