Why I Blog

Someone asked me recently why I blogged.  Everyone's got a reason haven't they?

Well here's mine..................

I'd heard of blogging years ago, it's not exactly a new thing but now it seems more common place, even a lot of companies seem to have a blog even if it's not maintained on a regular basis.

One of my closest friends relocated down to Hampshire.  I was pretty gutted to say the least! We spent a lot of time on the phone chatting when one night my friend told me she wanted to start a blog but wasn't sure how.  Just because we were now hundreds of miles apart wasn't going to stop me from helping out a friend so I created my own blog to see how it was done.  Many a night was spent on the phone talking about blog names to html codes and gadgets.  Sometimes it was like speaking another language! Finally our blogs were born.  And although our styles are completely different I love the fact we created our blogs together and haven't let the miles affect our friendship. 

If you get a chance pop over to her blog (click here) and take a look.  She's a fantastic writer and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased, hehe.

Everyone's got a reason as to why they blog and how it all started.  What's yours?  I'd love to hear your story. x


  1. That's a really lovely reason to start :D x

  2. beautiful ladies! xxx

  3. You have brought tears to my eyes both with our story and the compliment!

    I wanted to start a blog because it is a good way of getting your writing out there, but I remember the first time somebody suggested blogging to me. I think my jaw was on the table as my friend was telling me about blogs, it all sounded so mind boggling, I just could not get my head around what it was all about. And the thought of putting something out there for the world see was terrifying. I think it was the terror that caused my mental block towards it at first!

    I'm so glad we have taken this journey together although I think you are embracing it far more than I am and I so admire you hosting a blogger meet up.

    Hope it all goes well, gutted I cannot be there.

    Love you xxxx

    1. Aw Joey. Didn't mean to make you cry lol. I'm glad you've faced up to it. I love reading your posts. They're always thought provoking. xx

  4. Anonymous31/1/13 16:31

    Aw what a lovely reason to start a blog! I started mine because I had been reading so many for ages, then I had a big break up and wanted something to do for 'ME'. I do so love blogging =) xx

    1. Well you've got a pretty good reason as well. It is definitely a good way to do something for 'YOU' and sometimes it even helps harness your direction in life. xxx

  5. I have (had) several blogs for slightly different reasons. I started my first blog, because my friends abroad had one and it was a fun way to keep in touch (that was like over 10 years ago). I started another one when I myself moved abroad to keep in touch with my friends back home. Then I have also had a photo blog and a jewelry blog, but they both "died" as I didn't feel motivated to update regularly regarding one topic. This year I started another blog (you can see it here:, because I just felt like blogging. I wanted to somehow capture my little creative moments and hobbies somewhere and possibly this way also find other people who like similar things. To have a place to be me without being connected to my work etc. Kind of a fun thing, personal creative outlet. I guess it's some kind of lifestyle blog. So those are my blog stories. :)

    xx Kaisa

  6. Wow those are great stories! I know what you mean about capturing your creative moments, etc. Blogging has definitely helped me focus more on photography, etc and learn some new skills along the way. Thank you for sharing. x


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