Swap A Frock Clothes Swap

We're having a swap shop party and all you lovely bloggers are invited!!

The name of the post might give away what kind of party it is but let me tell you more about it.

Last year I went to a clothes swap shop party at a friends house.  Basically you take along any unwanted clothes and swap them with your friends or sell them at rock bottom prices.  I managed to offload quite a few things that I'd never got round to putting on Ebay and came away with some really nice items as well.  Combine that with wine and snacks and it was the perfect girly night in.

This kind of event has been around for years but is finally becoming more popular.  It's actually called Swishing, although I can't bear that name. It sounds too much like swinging to me and you really don't want to get the two confused!

I've been wanting to host this kind of event for a while and seeing a few events take place recently in London and Manchester has spurred me on.

So here's how it works.........

Do you you own an item of clothing or shoes but never actually worn them?
Do you own clothes you haven't worn in years but kept hold of them for 'just in case' reasons?
Do you have a pile of clothes you keep meaning to put on Ebay but haven't got round to it yet?
Do you think your choice of style has changed and no longer wear certain items?
Think you have items that are 'too good' to throw away?
Do you own clothes that no longer fit or need altering but not sure how?  
Does your wardrobe need some new additions?
Were you nodding YES to any of these questions?  I know I did! Then come along to our swap shop and exchange your items for something you'll actually wear.

What happens:  
Check in 4 or more items in exchange for tokens then swap your tokens for clothes or shoes of your choice.

We only want good quality clothing and shoes. If it's holey or dirty it aint coming in. Lingerie and nightwear are also a no no.

Check In:
One high street item = 1 token
One designer item = 2 tokens

What else?
Found an outfit? Got some spare time? Sit yourself down at our Embellishments & Alterations table.  A professional dressmaker will be on hand to assist you.

All Finished? Outfit sorted?

Get your nails done by The Pamper Pit. They're offering you special offers on the night. 
File & Polish  £5
Nail Art   £7
Gel Nails   £15

And Finally.....

As ever there will be an amass of glorious homemade cakes, fresh coffee, herbal tea, retro milkshakes, iced tea and coffee available from Spout.

Does this sound like your kind of thing?  Live in the North West Midlands and want to come along?  Have a question?  Leave a comment and I'll get back to you soon as possible.

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  1. Reading this post I was pretty much like this…Excited, Excited! Excited!!! Post code. Sad face.
    I’m sure its going to be an amazing success though! Can’t wait to see how it went!


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