Just a little post to say........

Just a little post to say,
Unfortunately I'm not here to stay,
I'm buggering off,
But just for a week,
It is the sunshine I do seek,
I'm fed up with this torrential rain,
And how it makes us all complain,
But I'm leaving you in capable hands,
Whilst I'm away on foreign land,
So I hope you enjoy reading something new,
From three lovely bloggers,
Old and new.

Yes that's right in case you didn't get the jist of my little ditty I'm going on my sunny hols.  I'm leaving my blog in capable hands by way of two close friends and one new friend.
I wont rub it in anymore so for now it's Tatty Bye or should I say Adios Amigas, hope you enjoy reading what they have to offer. x

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