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So a little change from the normal today at A Girl I Know, I'm Niamh and usually I blog over at One Girl and the World, I say blog maybe I should say I write down whatever I happen to be thinking at that precise moment in time and hope I don't come across too strange! And I think it must be working because I haven't had any complaints (yet!). However in over a year of blogging (or putting random thoughts on the internet for everyone to see) this is my first ever guest blog post, and what a daunting prospect it is! I mean I have the responsiblity of writing something that will keep you guys entertained and it's not even my blog! :O Hopefully I haven't scared any of you off yet because I am a nice, normal(ish) person...honestly! :D So once I'd offered to do this I then had to think long and hard about what I was going to post and this was tricky you see (it's tricky to rock a rhyme to rock a rhyme...okay I'll stop there...this isn't my blog...ACT NORMAL! Relating everything you write back to song lyrics isn't normal!) but I guess the best place to start would be to tell you guys a bit more about myself? So let's try that...

Hello, I'm Niamh and I'm 18. I go to university where I study education which is all about different education theories, the history of education and this term we did a module about education around the world which was rather interesting! I have the idea of becoming a teacher at some point once I finish this degree; that's if I don't change my mind because I'm rather indecisive and like to keep my options open. Evidence for this? Well I did the International Baccalaureate instead of A Levels because I couldn't choose 4 or 5 subjects. Also, on the IB most of the decisions have been made for you, like you have to do Maths, a Science, English (or the language you're studying in) and a second a certain meerkat would say it's "Simples". Other things you might want to know about me... well I'm passionate about Guiding, now that sounds really cheesy but it's true! I think Girl Guides have so much to offer girls today and they give you amazing opportunities, but this isn't about Guides this is about me so lets move on! I'm also not very good at this growing up lark, but then do we ever really grow up or just grow old?! (Now there's something for you to ponder on!) I like colourful things and have an unhealthy addiction to the Internet, namely Facebook and Pinterest. My friends would also say I'm something of a Harry Potter addict as well but I as I like to point out, on a regular basis, I'm not one of those people making weird fan videos and putting them on Youtube and if you don't know the ones I mean then hopefully you will stay unenlightened...hmmm that's not quite the word I want, in fact I'm not even sure it is a word but it will do for now! I also like to read...a lot, it's quite sad really, I got over excited the other day when I found out that library at my university has actual books like ones that aren't textbooks and now as I've finished my exams...guess what I'm going to do :D :D

Okay so now you know a bit more about who I am I now actually have to think about something to write... racks brain for topics...something that relates to my blog...hmmm...*googles blog post ideas...not inspired by any of them* Well I guess to give you a true idea of what my blog is like I just need to continue rambling on in this fashion as that is what I do 9 times out of 10. You see I did think maybe I could write a blog post about a day in the life of a student but as I've just finished exams it would go something along the lines of up around half 10 (late I know but I was out the night before), checked Facebook and various other things I *need* to check (you never know what you might've missed whilst you were asleep!), texted a friend, watched Graham Norton, had some brunch (which was awesome might I add, consisting of a toasted, bacon and baked bean sandwich), spend more time on Facebook etc...not the most interesting of days now is it really?! But such is the life of a student eh! Real hardship! Not that I didn't have to do work ever, in fact I worked rather hard (even if I do say so myself) now we just have to hope that I've done enough to pass first year! :O Then I can continue to ramble on about the antics university students (or at least ones like me) get up too! As judging by what I've done since finishing my exams on Friday I don't think rambling about my life as a university drop-out would be that interesting so I'd better try and not get myself kicked out (which is generally a good move anyway, or so I'm led to believe)!

So this post hasn't really had much of a point except to say Hello! It's been lovely to meet you all, thank you very much for letting me have this opportunity, I've enjoyed it! I hope you have too, would be nice to see you guys again sometime! :D

That's all for today folk!


  1. Niamh thank you so much for your lovely post. It's so good to get to know you a bit better amd can you believe I've never heard of International Baccalaureate! You're course sounds really interesting and hey, there's nothing wrong with keeping your options open. Thank you for doing a guest blog. Catch up soon :) x

    1. Oh hey! Only just seen this! Glad you liked it! Hope the holiday was good! Looking forward to hearing more from you soon. Also I've tagged you here :)


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