Blackpool Dungeons

Recently I was offered two tickets to the Blackpool Dungeons.  Now you know I love a day trip and as our 4 year anniversary was approaching me and the mister asked ourselves, what better way to celebrate our love for one another than a trip to a medieval dungeon! So, we  jumped in the car and headed over to Blackpool.

If you haven't been to Blackpool before then prepare yourself, it can be insane!  The summer months are filled with families on holiday visiting the beach, promenade and theme park whilst the weekends are packed out with stag and hen parties. The winter months tend to be a little quieter although the Blackpool Illuminations from August 30th to November 10th have been drawing in the crowds in since 1879 and well worth a visit.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the Blackpool Dungeons.  Their website describes it as a thrill filled journey with 10 live shows, screaming, theatre, jokes, and special effects.

From the moment we got there the Blackpool Dungeons actors kept us entertained as you queued up inside a dark gloomy medieval street set.  As you got to the front of the queue a wench took a photo of you holding an axe to your loved one.  As they're about to lose their head she insists they give a loud scream, much to the amusement of the other people in the queue.  It all adds to the overall effect and gets everyone in the mood for what was about to come.

We rounded the corner and met the rest of the victims we'd be spending the next hour with in the Dungeons. Our 'tour guide' also known as the Lift Jester filled us in on some medieval torture history and gave us a brief idea of what to expect.  You'll learn about the plague, witches, torturers, smugglers, enter a labyrinth and leave your stomach behind after experiencing their gravity drop ride.
I really don't want to give too much more away, as the element of surprise is half the fun.  Overall the Blackpool Dungeons is well worth a visit, even more so now that Halloween is approaching. I screamed, laughed, clung to a strangers arm and got locked in a cage!   What more do you want?  This interactive show is suitable for all ages and perfect for families, friends or couples like us celebrating their 4 year anniversary, which believe it or not we weren't the only ones!
We finished off our day with fish and chips and a walk down the promenade to look at the Illuminations.  The perfect end to our day.

Enjoying myself far too much!

Have you been to the Blackpool Dungeons or anywhere similar?


  1. It sounds like a really fab day out, I've never been to anything like this! I've actually never been to Blackpool, and Blackpool Illuminations are on my list of things to do. Thank you for the link, I'm going to see if we can fit it in this year :) exciting!! xxx

  2. Ahh I love Blackpool! I know a lot of people run it down but I think just take it all with a pinch of salt and it's fab!
    We had a week long holiday there in April and meant to do the dungeons but ran out of time. We're planning on having another week there in October next year so they'll definitely be on our list next time :-) x

  3. I do love how odd blackpool is, the only place there's families and people walking around with inflatable willies xx

  4. Oh God I went to the Amsterdam Dungeons and was TRAUMATISED. It probably would of been ok if they'd shouted at me in English rather than Dutch so I actually had a clue what was going on haha.

    Following your blog after the #lbloggers chat - hope you had a great weekend!

    Christy x
    Another Weekend Without Make-up


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