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I love to support independent designers and shops but realised lately I don't blog about them as often as I tweet about them!

Although your big high street stores seemingly create a lot of jobs which in turn supports the economy, what about the little guys?  The ones who work endlessly designing those perfect pieces only to watch a high street store then produce the same thing for a fraction of cost and sell for half the price.  Being the little guy can be tough but they do what they do because they're passionate about their work!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti super stores.  They're convenient, you know what you're getting and they're usually affordable, but it's good to mix it up. And, by shopping in an independent outlet you're not only supporting that business owner, you're helping to support all the other businesses they deal with.  In fact if we all spent a fiver a week with our local independent shops we'd put £4.1 million per year back into our local economy! That's something to think about!

Am I going somewhere with this? Yes!  Because I've been invited to the Home Is In The North event at Halle.St Peters, Manchester.  A unique collective of independent designer-makers and boutique homeware brands from across the North.  An opportunity for 30 independent talented designers, who specialise in modernising traditional crafts, to exhibit their work.

Inspired by the industrial North exhibitors range from surface pattern designers, ceramics, textiles, upcycled lighting and illustrators.

Charlotte Nash
Natalie Laura Ellen

Annabel Perrin

Ink Inc

As well as the chance to meet with inspirational designers there are also interactive workshops, demos and seminars taking place throughout the day. Highlights include a ‘Create Your Own Art’ workshop with interiors blogger, Kimberley Hughes of Swoonworthy, who will also be sharing her trend predictions for 2014 during a 30 minute seminar.  I really looking forward to seeing what trends she forecasts and hearing her tips on decorating on a small budget.

How does this help independent designers?

Home Is In The North will also be launching ‘The Future Design Showcase’ in partnership with Manchester Craft and Design Centre, concept store Fig & Sparrow and online market place What I Always Wanted.  The area has been created as a support network to give emerging artists and makers the unique opportunity to meet potential stockists in person and seek advice and guidance about building their brand.

Stella Photography

So if you live in the North and would like to support some homegrown talent and independent businesses why not pop along on Saturday 26th April, 11 - 4pm.  


  1. Oh this does look good. Thanks for the invite, I'm going to definitely try to make it. Would be great to see you too x

  2. Great post. Always good to put figures in to make us all more aware of realities. Many of us could do more than a fiver in a local business and it would really make a difference. #sharefriday

  3. Ooh I'm gasping just looking at some of those photos! The event sounds great! x

  4. Sounds like a great idea- I'll definitely go! xx

  5. This event sounds great and I 100% agree - it's so important to support local businesses and we all could do more #sharefriday


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