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And so, the end is near...well I guess all good things come to an end and my time on the AHF Bloggers Panel is up!  We could call this my swansong! Sob sob, pass the tissues...

It seems only right this is my last panel, because this months theme is Mother's Day.  I'm even more excited than usual for Mother's Day because it just so happens to fall on my birthday!  This doesn't happen often.  In fact this will be the second time it's happened in my *whispers* 32 years! And yes, I did google it just to be sure! 

So, here's my gift guide: -

1. Eye Spy Wallet by Kate Garey 2. Confectionary Grey Silk Bracelet by Ella Georgia
3. Dozen Literary Paper Roses by Bookish England
4. A Mother’s Love Print by Wink Design
5. Cake In a Can by The Food Ministry 

Eye Spy Wallet - Kate Garey, Silk Bracelet - Ella Georgia, Paper Rose Bouquet - Bookish England

Mother's Love Print - Wink Design, Cake In A Can - Food Ministry

Like my gifts? Fancy winning something from Ask Her Friends? Me too! If you win, then I win, so just pop over to their site and enter here.  It's so easy and there's a gazillion ways to enter!  It would be the icing on a very lovely cake if we won : ) 

Before I go I just wanted to say big thank you to all the team at Ask Her Friends.  They really an awesome lot and love a good chat over on Twitter. 


  1. Ahh it's always a little sad when something comes to an end, but hopefully it will lead to more lovely opportunities for you! I love your selection, the paper roses are just wonderful! Good luck :) xxx

  2. Cake in a tin?! Yes please. Voted. :-)

  3. Interesting group go gifts. If that was my choice I'd chose the paper flowers. Happy birthday for next week! #sharefriday

  4. Interesting group of gifts. Think I'd choose the paper flowers if I were given the option. Have a fab birthday next week

  5. It is always a bit sad when something comes to an end. Those paper flowers are just beautiful and I love the wallet.


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