Life Through A Lens

The topic for today's BEDN (that's Blog Every Day in November incase you didn't know) is photography.  What I love most about photography is the way you see the world differently.  It's amazing how much more you appreciate things when looking through a viewfinder.  The deep teal of victorian tiles, a close up of a flower, a skyline you may not necessarily have notice before. 

One of my favourite photos I've taken is of my son, around 4 years ago.  We were on holiday, the sun was going down and he was sitting on a rock looking out to sea.  Although I couldn't see his face, his body language looked relaxed like he was deep in thought.  I love the redness in the sky and the gentle waves lapping at the shore.  This whole photo gives me a sense of calm

Are you a keen photographer?  What's your proudest photo?

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