Taking A Year Off

Ever feel like life is crashing down on top of you and there's no spare time to even breathe or think straight? That was pretty much me last year.  Busy working for two very different companies which seemed to keep on expanding, whilst trying to plan a wedding and have a life, was like juggling without any hands.  Eventually something had to give and as much as I enjoyed blogging a part of me was beginning to resent it.  I had all these things I wanted to share but didn't have the time, not to mention every post I wrote seemed to be sponsored in some way.  I guess I became a bit disillusioned with it all and blogging was beginning to feel like a chore, if you know what I mean?  I guess that's when I knew it was time to have a break.

Too much of this...

And trying to plan this ...

Meant basically I felt like this...

Having some time away from my blog gave me the space I needed to concentrate on work and enjoy wedding planning.  I was able to focus more on what was going on in my life instead of blogging about it and it definitely took the pressure off.  Lets face it, there's only so much we can do and we're all guilty of taking on too much.  Just lately though I've realised I've missed putting my thoughts down on "paper", reading other blogs etc.  I'm glad I took the time out, I feel more refreshed and now love my little old blog again.  Oh and with this little one on the way now is definitely a good time to catch up on some parent blogs

So how have you all been?  What's been going on in your world.  Have you ever felt like taking a step back and can you recommend any good parent and baby blogs?


  1. Eeep, congratulations! It sounds as though it's been a fabulous year. One of my favourite parenting blogs is (I don't read very many, to be honest).

  2. Lovely to see you back here again! And congratulations of some very exciting events in the last year! :) Xx

  3. Ahh fabulous news! I've found it so difficult to blog at the same time as being pregnant (I'm due in January), I don't know why but it just seems to be this massive thing which I don't feel I have the time or the energy for. Parenting blogs though - I love reading all about little Matilda over at 'Sarah Rooftops' and 'Treasure Every Moment' is really good too. :-) xx


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