Baby Brain: Is it really a thing?

Baby brain, is it really a thing? Before I was pregnant I'd joke with my other pregnant friends if they'd forgotten something or were having a bit of a thick moment, that they had the mythical baby brain

Now that I'm pregnant the joke's on me because I'm certain I'm suffering from a serious case of it!

I can't tell you how many times I've had to be reminded of conversations I simply can't remember, or gone upstairs to get something but can't remember what.  Once I made a cup of tea with cream instead of milk and sprayed deodorant under my arms after I'd put my top on!

Forgetfulness and confusion seems to be a running theme throughout this pregnancy and it appears I'm not alone with one mum I know comparing her memory to a fish!

Baby Brain Is it really thing?

So does baby brain actually really exist?  After a quick google search the medical jury's out.  Apparently there isn't enough supporting evidence that baby brain is an actual medical condition, with studies showing we did just as well as non-expecting women in various tests.  However other studies show that a woman's brain changes during pregnancy in order to for them to be more in tune with their baby's needs after giving birth.  Surely that's got to have some kind of effect on us.

So I guess whether baby brain medically exists or not, I know for certain I'm not quite as focused and switched on as usual.  When you're preparing for the arrival of something so small and fragile that will turn your entire world upside down is it any wonder?

So what do you think? Does baby brain exist?


  1. I'm convinced it's a real thing - I didn't know which was was up when I was pregnant!

  2. I never heard of this word before i heard someone saying about it the other year. I was like what is baby brain and they had to explain it for me x

  3. A friend of mine definitely has baby brain, we were meant to meet for lunch last Tuesday she didnt turn up, given she made the booking it was, I panicked and she thought it was Thursday x

  4. It's lack of sleep that does it. Nobody functions brilliant when they've had to get up for a wee fifty-five times in the night!


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