5 Is The Magic Number

Ok so I loved this idea so much I shamlessley stole it from East End Lass  with her permission of course.  Basically 5 x 5 are 5 lists of 5.  I love making lists, especially to do lists.  My desk is covered in post its with reminders!  The 5 x 5 lists are more personal though and it's also a good way of getting to know people.  The lists can be of anything you want.  Maybe things you own, want, read, watch on TV, etc.  Anyway here are my lists..............

5 Things I've Recently Had Series Linked

1. Eastenders       I know some of you may think this is a load of drivel but I need it! When you're surrounded by a bunch of eh up me duck northerners like I am it's the only thing that sounds normal!
2. Celebrity Juice       You gotta love the shock factor.
3.  Touch      Yet to actually watch any episodes but heard it's supposed to be good.
4.  The Apprentice     Always end up yelling at the T.V as if I could do any better!  Oh and check out how big Alan Sugars earlobes are.  They are massive!!
5.  My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

5 Favourite Words

1.  Shabbatronic
2.  Rotund
3.  Debauchary
4.  Troglodyte
5.  Ripple

5 Things In My Bag

1.  A snotty tissue.     Even worse, it's not mine.
2.  A Kodak film.    I found this at home and never had developed.  I have absolutely no idea what's on it but it must be at least 7 years old.
3.  Compact mirror.     I'm female.  Enough said.
4.  A light saber.    Not a real one obviously.  It's star wars lego and clearly belongs to my son who happens to think my bag is intended for storing his belongings as well as my own.  And yes, that snotty tissue also belongs to him
5.  My purse.     It's MASSIVE.  It has to be to hold the amount of cards in there and I dont just mean credit cards, there's points cards, library cards, petrol cards,etc.  There is literately no room for any money, which is handy seeing as I dont have much!

5 Favourite Shops

1. Topshop
2. River Island
3. H&M
4. Any kind of deli counter
5.  Paperchase.    I love stationary, although it's a bit expensive in Paperchase so I just walk around the shop touching everything and then leave!

5 Favourite Foods

1.  Prawns in filo pastry
2.  Roast Potatoes (crispy ones)
3.  Zinger Tower Burger (the one with the hash brown)
4.  Any kind of cheese
5.  Stuffed or deep fried mushrooms

Hmmm a lot of carbs going on there!

And so there you have it.  My 5 of 5


  1. Anonymous20/4/12 17:25

    fabulous - but then *I* would think that, wouldn't I :)

    Shabbatronic? Really? can you use that in a sentence please!

  2. Ha. Well to me Shabbatronic means 'pretty darn special' It's definitely not a word to be overused and I would only use it around close friends not around the office lol. Chris Moyles bet James Corden to use it in a sentance when he presented The Brits this year. Was very funny.

  3. I'm going to probably end up stealing this post at some point! But I'll let you know when! :P

  4. OMG !! thanks for the sudden craving I now have for a bit of finger lickin' chicken!! Interesting post, I like making lists too, it makes me feel as though I'm organised!! But on a pychological level, I think it does help to get it down on paper when you have soooo much to do & have a stress head on! I've learnt some interesting things about you here. I wouldn't have guessed prawns in filo pastry! I miss those shops too :-(

    Think I shall partake in this list post soon. Whats a trogyydiggy-dite? *goes to google it*


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