Time is ticking

Wow I actually don't know where the time is going.  When I started this blog I had visions of me posting every few days and although I have a million things I want to say I dont actually have the time to post them!  Hmm this could pose a problem! 

One thing I've noticed as you get older, time seems to go faster.  Why is this??  When you're a kid you cant wait to grow up and school seemed to last forever.  Now we're older time goes way to fast!  Has anyone else noticed this?

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  1. I've noticed that too. I particularly noticed this year has been going by really fast! It's amazing that we're almost in May when it was the New Year not so long ago. I kinda wish I was a kid again, things were so much easier!

    By the way, I wanted to remind you about the guest posting and I'd appreciate it if you could send me your guest post as soon as possible, preferably until the 1st of May. My e-mail is at the bottom of my blog. Thanks!


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