London Tourist - Part 2

Last year I blogged about a family daytrip I made to London whilst the Paralympics were on - click here if you fancy having a nosey.

For those of you who don't know, I'm originally from London but have lived up North for quite a few years. I love going back to catch up with friends and family but just lately, when we visit, we've been making more of an effort to do some 'touristy things'.

When you live in a city it's easy to take the sights for granted.  In fact you're more likely to avoid tourist attractions because of how busy it gets!  Now that I don't live in London I definitely appreciate so many things it has to offer.  Tourist attractions now being one of them!!!

This particular weekend the Boyf and Little Man were busy which meant I got to spend some time with my Dada.

Normally we visit family, go out for dinner etc so he was surprised that I fancied going into town. In fact as someone who has to drive around London on a regular basis he wasn't exactly thrilled at the prospect!  However, us daughters have a way of talking our dads round and we were soon on the tube heading to our location.....The London Aquarium!

A few Twitter friends suggested the London Aquarium and I can't believe I hadn't thought of it!  It was perfect.  Somewhere neither of us had been before and could chat whilst looking at some amazing fish!

If you haven't been before then get your backsides down there !  We literately spent hours there!  Here are a few pics I took on my phone.  I wish I'd taken my 'big' camera because it really is a great photo opportunity although my dad might not have appreciated me spending hours snapping away!!

All in all it was a great day and I really enjoyed spending some quality time with my dad.

Next time you're in London you should really try and visit.  It's great for families, outings with friends, first dates etc.

Have you done anything touristy lately?


  1. Oh wow, this is on my list things to do this summer. Hope you had fun, really want to go now. x

    1. It was so good. You should definitely take time to go. x

  2. I really love aquariums, probably my second choice for a day out if I can't go to the beach. So calming. I love the Sea Zoo at Anglesey.

    1. You're right actually, it was quite calming. Don't think I've been to the sea zoo at Anglesey. Possibly going camping there this year so will take a look if we go. x


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