Nanas Vintage Fair

Last Sunday I was proud to host our first vintage fair at Spout Coffee Shop.  I was so excited I literally bounced out of bed at 7am, very unusual for me on a Sunday morning!
Nanas Vintage Fair, owned by the lovely Faye Williamson puts on vintage fairs in the West Midlands.  Somehow she finds the time to do this in between studying at uni.  She is one very busy girl!
Stallholders had the opportunity to showcase hand created designs and re-worked vintage fashion and accessories.  The traders had only been here an hour and I'd already bought something, haha.  I guess it was inevitable.  In fact I think most of the staff bought something!
It was an absolutely manic day but I loved having the opportunity to work with such lovely people.
Here are few photos my friend at work managed to take for me.

Glitz & Glamour



Belle & Butler


Forged in Fables
Great & Small



Sweetpea Cherilee


Handmade by Holly Crow

 If you like all things vintage here are few links to keep you busy.......
Do you like vintage fashion?  Have you been to any vintage fairs lately?


  1. Love-love vintage! Not many vintage fairs in Madrid and when there are then they tend to be rather pricey, but nevertheless... sometimes good finds come my way. :)

    xx Kaisa

    1. Ah such a shame. I bet that makes you appreciate your vintage finds even more :)

  2. Oh my goodness this looks lovely! What a fab way to spend a Sunday (even if it did mean getting up early on a Sunday!) xx

    1. It really was lovely. It didn't feel like work at all! xx

  3. Wow, will need to come to this if there is another one in the future, so many pretty things!!

    1. We're definitely having another one. I'll let you know when. I think there's one coming up at the Brown Jug soon. xx

  4. I adore vintage fashion! Lovely post! :)

    Kelly xx

  5. These are such lovely pictures, I want the watermelon brooch and that halterneck floral dress is amazing.
    Just followed on GFC and look forward to your future posts :)

    Karys x

    1. Thank you for the follow. There were some really lovely things. I had to restrain myself. xx

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. What a lovely fair! The first blouse is so pretty and I adore those felt watermelon slices.

  8. This looks AWESOME!! Vintage will always make me bounce out of bed too. Haha.

    HELen xx



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