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In a previous blog post I mentioned a group I help run called Retro Wrens.   We originally wanted to start a young version of a WI but it turned out a) there was already one in our town and b) there's a lot more to it than a monthly meet.  For starters you have to have a president, secretary and treasurer and none of us really wanted that responsibility!

So we started Retro Wrens.

Something Vintage, Something New, Make New Friends In A Town Near You.

One of our handmade posters.  Penny farthings actually used to have a wren on them!

We meet once month at Spout for tea, cake and whatever activity we've chosen for that month.

This month we chose something a little different.  An interactive talk about the 1940's with Miss Pitchy Patchy and a vintage hair workshop.

To say I loved this event would be an understatement.  I got to wear my hair in a 1940's do, wear a stole, red lippie and listen to music on a real life gramophone!  Miss Pitchy Patchy even presented me with a gift.  A gorgeous tablecloth with my initial embroidered in the corner!  What a sweetie!

A box of goodies

Some Wrens busy making

Miss Pitchy Patchy lead us in a talk on what it was like to be a women during WW2.  From what women wore to how they did their hair (hairspray was rationed so they used sugar water to keep it in place).  Where they worked, what they ate and rations - did you know soap was rationed to one bar per household and that was used for the washing up and on yourself, including hair!  Can you imagine what their hair and skin must have felt like.

After listening to Miss Pitchy Patchy's stories it's certainly made me feel humbled and a reminder that life is very different for woman today.

Miss Pitchy Patchy at a vintage fair

During the talk we were also shown how to style our hair in various 1940's styles.  How these women managed it without hairspray and tongs is a mystery!!

 I enjoy our Retro Wren nights, not just because we're learning something new but because I get to talk to people I probably wouldn't meet in normal circumstances, oh and eat cake!

Me with my hair up!  I never wear my hair up!!

Do you go to a WI or something similar to Retro Wrens?  Would you be interested in starting a Retro Wrens group?  Let me know, maybe I can help.


  1. Seems you had a lovely meet up! You're hair is really nice up. Great to see everyone in Leek get together and all share their passion x

    1. Thanks Lauren. You should try and come along to the next one. x

  2. I used to be a member of Sheffield Seven Hills WI, but didn't get so involved in the running. I also cofounded Sheffield Craft Candy, a support network for craftspeople, we ran workshops and fairs in the city centre which were pretty successful, but my co founder and I had very different ideas of how we wanted the group to move on (I wanted to keep it informal and fun, she wanted to step it up) so I dropped out then the group disbanded anyway a few months later...I learnt a lot doing it, but since living in London a year ago I am kind of enjoying being anonymous and non affiliated!

    1. Wow sounds like you were busy. I love how crafting has become so popular again. I'm really enjoying learning new skills. How are you finding things in London?

  3. Wow, this looks like such fun! I wish their was something like this near me!

    1. Hey Laura, if there isn't maybe you should set something up. Since we've started a lot or group members have put themselves forward to lead the next group. It's great to see everyone so involved. x


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